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Black LGBTQ survey promo

On behalf of Community Marketing & Insights, we wanted to take this time to thank you for your consideration in helping us get the word out about the Black LGBTQ Community Survey! We're super excited to get to work with you on this. We're aiming to get at least 2,000 completed surveys across all genders and generations, with your help.

The survey will run from September 24 through October 30.

Here is the LINK we'd like you to share. Please use THIS link on all social media ads, videos, in emails, etc.

Below are promotion assets that you can use to spread the word. Please use your URL when linking from ads, and other promos!

  1. Social media ads (7 options)
  2. Social media video (4 options)
  3. Email text

Let us know if you have any questions.

1) Social media ads (zip file)
   Post you can ReTweet:

   Images you can download:

   Social Text:
   Take the Black LGBTQ Community Survey. Research to Help Change. Chance to win prizes.
   @Ctr4BlackEquity @LGBTQinsights @ILoveGayLGBT
   For nearly a decade, this survey has provided free data to help organizations better understand
   and serve your community.
   @Ctr4BlackEquity on Twitter    |    @Ctr4BlackEquity on Instagram    |    @Ctr4BlackEquity on Facebook

2) Video
   Here is a personal video from the Center for Black Equity:

   Here is a "photo montage" video in three sizes:


3) Email text (insert one or more of the ads and/or video in your email if you'd like).

Dear LGBTQ Community:

Please take the Black LGBTQ Community Survey!

For nearly a decade, this survey has provided free data to help non-profits, universities, and organizations better understand and serve the Black LGBTQ community. The report will be published on the website for free download on approximately December 15.

Also, participation in this survey gives important feedback to our LGBTQ community media and charities, and provides data to companies and organizations interested in serving our community, sponsoring our events, and supporting their LGBTQ employees.

You'll have an opportunity to participate in a drawing for one of twenty $100 gift cards. The questions should take about 15 minutes to complete. The survey will close on October 30, 2020.

Please share this link widely!!!

Thank you
[Your name and organization]



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